Using 'for each' to modify a container

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Thu Oct 12 00:23:41 EDT 2006

On 10/11/06 10:21 PM, "Bill Marriott" <wjm at> wrote:

>> you can manipulate tLine to your hearts content, but not tData. tData has
>> already been examined, parsed, and put into memory in known places so
>> iteration through the loop can go lightning fast... if you attempt to
>> change
>> tData you throw a wrench in the works.
> But Ken, that's exactly what the documentation says is NOT to be done (and
> should generate a script error).

Wow... haven't gotten any script errors or any scrambled data... oh well, I
guess I'm just lucky...
> My first post assumed what you said (ok to manipulate tLine, not to
> manipulate tData), but it seems the reality is opposite. Weird, huh? :)

Actually when I reread the statement:

Important! You cannot change the labelVariable in a statement inside the
loop. Doing so will cause a script error. You can change the content of the
container, but doing so will probably produce unexpected results.

It sounds like you shouldn't maniuplate either...

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