[OT] Installing SheepShaver (was Re: Classic Emulators)

Ken Ray kray at sonsothunder.com
Wed Oct 11 22:15:54 EDT 2006

On 10/11/06 8:21 PM, "Jim Carwardine" <JimCarwardine at OwnYourFuture-net.com>

> Hi Sarah... I've installed 9.0 easily in SS following Kens easy steps as he
> outlined.  You shouldn't have any problems as long as you se a generic copy
> as Ken suggests... Jim

I've amended my web page that describes everything step by step to make it
easier for others to get started:


>> Many thanks Ken for compiling this guide. I followed up and have now
>> got to the stage where I have to install Mac OS. It rejects my OS 9.1
>> CD, so I've dug up an old 8.5 installer which I will try next.
>> What OS is anyone else using?

I'm using 8.5 for the same reason.

>> If I install 8.5, can I then update to 9.x?

Sure - in the same manner as you'd update an old Mac running 8.5... ;-)

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