[OT] AJAX to Overtake Flash?

Josh Mellicker josh at dvcreators.net
Wed Oct 11 21:51:58 EDT 2006

The future is that browsers will cache a lot of data so web apps can  
be used offline. Hehehehe.... (laughing trailing off into an echo....)

On Oct 11, 2006, at 6:30 PM, Scott Rossi wrote:

> Recently, Luis wrote:
>>> On an unrelated note, I find it interesting to have come across
>>> several products that have gone the way of the net-enabled app,  
>>> in terms of
>>> help, add-ons and even primary user interaction.
>> Problem I see is the wire (even the one in 'wireless'): Once the wire
>> is down, so is the app.
>> Nobody expects a hard disk to fail, but they do. No one wants the
>> 'wire' to fail, but it does.
> If the wire fails, your app is not down; your access to the latest and
> greatest content is delayed.  It doesn't make sense to store an  
> entire help
> system online. The more intelligent system stores a version locally  
> and
> updates the local version as needed.  If the apps completely relied  
> on the
> wire, then there would be a problem, but the wire simply provides a  
> means to
> keep your local content in synch with the latest version.  So yes,  
> your
> content is only as recent as the latest net update, but you always  
> have
> access to *some* content, though it may not be the version that was
> published yesterday.
> And even if the wire is not available, you still can't shop anywhere,
> regardless of what mechanism is used to drive the store.
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