[OT] AJAX to Overtake Flash?

Scott Rossi scott at tactilemedia.com
Wed Oct 11 21:30:39 EDT 2006

Recently, Luis wrote:

>> On an unrelated note, I find it interesting to have come across
>> several products that have gone the way of the net-enabled app, in terms of
>> help, add-ons and even primary user interaction.

> Problem I see is the wire (even the one in 'wireless'): Once the wire
> is down, so is the app.
> Nobody expects a hard disk to fail, but they do. No one wants the
> 'wire' to fail, but it does.

If the wire fails, your app is not down; your access to the latest and
greatest content is delayed.  It doesn't make sense to store an entire help
system online. The more intelligent system stores a version locally and
updates the local version as needed.  If the apps completely relied on the
wire, then there would be a problem, but the wire simply provides a means to
keep your local content in synch with the latest version.  So yes, your
content is only as recent as the latest net update, but you always have
access to *some* content, though it may not be the version that was
published yesterday.

And even if the wire is not available, you still can't shop anywhere,
regardless of what mechanism is used to drive the store.


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