Is this weird or is it me?

Lars Brehmer larsbrehmer at
Wed Oct 11 12:55:12 EDT 2006

I just wrestled with a problem, finally solving it by trying  
something that in my opinion shouldn't be necessary, but why this was  
necessary makes no sense to me whatsoever.  Can anyone explain this?

Two buttons, one right behind the other one.  When the one in front  
is visible and disabled, it's "rollover" icon, which I do with  
mouseEnter and mouseLeave, is disabled - so far so good - , but if it  
is clicked on anyway, the script of the button behind it is  
executed!  After a lot of cursing and dumfoundedness, I tried moving  
it so it is NOT in front of the second one and it behaves as expected  
- disabled.  OK, so put it behind the second one, and in all relevant  
scripts hide the one that is now in front so my purpose is served,  
but why is this necessary?  Why does clicking on a disabled button  
cause the script of another button to run?

Just very, very curious!



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