Problem with copied files in filemager. How do I solve this?

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Wed Oct 11 12:00:12 EDT 2006

Hoi William,

Depending on what you are copying, you have to set the file type  
before creating a file:

set the filetype to "????GIFf"
put url x into url y

You might try setting the filetype to "????????" and see if that  
works for you.




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Op 11-okt-2006, om 17:44 heeft William de Smet het volgende geschreven:

> Hi there,
> Hi there,
> I'm trying to make a little filemanager in which it is possible to
> copy files from one folder to another. I used FTP commander by Andre
> Garzia as a startingpoint.
> I use defaultfolder on one side and on the other side a browse button
> (just like FTP commander).
> I managed to get the file copied but then it appears to be just a  
> textfile.
> What am I doing wrong?
> Code:
> on mouseUp
>  put fld "current folder" into tserver
>  put "binfile:/" & fld "data folder" into tfolder
>  put the hilitedLines of fld "local file list" into tLines
>  repeat for each item tFile in tLines
>    put line tFile of fld "local file list" into tFileName
>    --delete last char of tFilename
>    put tServer & tFileName into tServerPath
>    put tFolder & "/" & tfilename into tFolderPath
>    answer tServerPath & cr & tFolderPath
>    put  URL tServerPath into URL tFolderPath
>  end repeat
>  refreshdatafilelist
> end mouseUp
> Like I said it's code based upon FTP manager.
> I checked the documentation and the suggested to use revCopyFile
> "folder/file.txt","folder/"
> I tried to  change the code but nothing seems to work.
> I am kinda stuck now.
> Any suggestions are welcome!
> greetings,
> William de Smet

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