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Sun Oct 8 16:12:44 EDT 2006

Hi Jacqueline,

I realise now the selectedChunk is certainly the wrong way to go!

> But from your jpg example, I'm not sure you even need all of this. Is 
> this a simple text substitution? If so, I think I'd just use a 
> "keydown" handler to see what the user has typed, and replace the 
> character with the substitution character you actually want to 
> display.
Yes. I want to detect what the user typed and replace it from an 
"input" list and "output" list.
> Even easier, it seems to me, would be to just assign the cursive font 
> to the field and bypass the whole issue. The user's typing would 
> automatically be cursive.
Unfortunately not.
Entering ab, in my graphic 
you see that a to b has a join.
The b is the standard keyboard 'b'
Now if the User enters c, another (non-standard) b is required 
somewhere else in
the font. There will be about 1,400 characters in  a Unicode font. Far 
more than the
standard single-byte 255 character standard. Accessing the Unicode 
characters is another issue.
For now, I just need the ability to detect and replace  

The c, having only a space after it, does not yet require any joining 

Hope that clarifies...
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