[OT] Installing SheepShaver (was Re: Classic Emulators)

Ken Ray kray at sonsothunder.com
Wed Oct 11 10:19:38 EDT 2006

On 10/9/06 7:34 PM, "Jim Carwardine" <JimCarwardine at OwnYourFuture-net.com>

> Hi Ken... I created the .dmg file and put it in my SS folder.  I mounted it
> in the SS GUI but when I start SS and bring up OS 9, the .dmg isn't there.
> Is there something more I need to do?  Jim

Hmm that's odd - works here for me (but then again, I'm using OS 8.5 in my
SS since I don't have OS 9 install disks I can use). What size was the
volume of the .dmg you were trying to mount?

Here' s the steps I took (maybe there's some difference between what you did
and what I did - I'm on 10.4.7, BTW):

1) Launch Disk Utility.

2) Click on the "New Image" button in the toolbar.

3) In the sheet that's displayed, navigate to the SS folder, and save it as
"Test", with the size as "40MB", Encryption is "none", and Format is
"read/write disk image". Disk Utility will create the image file "Test.dmg",
and mount it on the desktop.

4) In Disk Utility, select the Test.dmg image and click the Eject button.

5) Quit Disk Utility.

6) Launch SS GUI.

7) On the Volumes tab, click "Add..." and select "Test.dmg"

8) Click "Start" to run SS. It should mount the volume "Test" on the

If for some reason it doesn't, you might want to try going into Disk Utility
and reformatting the DMG as "Mac OS (Standard)" instead of "Mac OS
(Extended)". Perhaps that might help...

Ken Ray
Sons of Thunder Software
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