Comma in file names thwarting URLdecode(the files)

Mark Schonewille m.schonewille at
Wed Oct 11 09:15:52 EDT 2006

Hi Mark,

The docs explain it all. The detailed/long files function returns a  
return delimited list with comma delimited items on each line. The  
first item is urlencoded. You can set the itemdelimiter to comma and  
put urldecode(item x of line y of the detailed files). However, you  
can also put line y of the files. The files function (without  
detailed or long) is not urlencoded.

The last item of each line contains the file and creator types of the  
respective file. If the file doesn't have a file and creator type,  
this item is empty. On windows, files don't have this information and  
are therefore empty. On Mac OS X, some files have and some others  
don't have this info.




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Op 11-okt-2006, om 14:45 heeft Mark Powell het volgende geschreven:

> Sure this has to be a simple question but I can't find anything  
> about it
> in docs or forum.
> -The long files function returns a comma-delimited list of attributes.
> -With URLdecode, a file name with comma skews item delimiting.
> -Without URLdecode, a file name with percentage sign skews delimiting.
> -Checking 'number of items' seems to be OS-dependent (last item  
> empty on
> Windows?!)
> What am I missing?  How can I reliably derive a Windows-OS file name
> from 'the files'?
> Mark Powell
> mark_powell (at symbol)

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