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Luis luis at
Tue Oct 10 19:35:45 EDT 2006

If you're looking to the iPod market:

Ever the cheapo me... Look at this: 
QT pro is $30.

There are rumours about (and with the new releases having games and  
all!) that the firmware may be updated to support QT VR, adding  
interactivity to QT files on the iPods... (VideoClix probably has  
it's own QT codec for this). Lemme know and I'll try to dig up more  
info if you like.

Need to sleep now.



On 11 Oct 2006, at 0:21, Luis wrote:

> Hiya,
> From their site:
> VideoClix 2.9 Lite & Updates For: Short video Blogs
> Quicktime
> $ 49 US
> VideoClix 2.9 Edu For: Educational use & Podcasts
> Quicktime, AVI, Mpeg1 & 4, DV
> $ 249 US
> VideoClix 2.9 Pro For: Commercial use
> Quicktime, AVI, Mpeg1 & 4, Flash, DV
> $ 699 US
> VideoClix OEM License
> $ 9995 US
> Are you nuts! Or loaded? (Are you married?... ;)
> The interface looks very simple, but it doesn't look like it  
> couldn't be done with Revolution and the EnhancedQT External (have  
> a look at: to see  
> what I mean. No EQT, but then again, he didn't need it). Revolution  
> and EQT could be used to create your own 'creator'. The export  
> formats would probably be doable with Media Cleaner (now Autodesk  
> Cleaner, I think it's $500) or some other app.
> I haven't tried it, and at those prices... Although the Commercial  
> licence isn't too bad considering others around. Norpath and  
> QuickMedia are roughly half the price. It really depends what your  
> target markets are.
> I'd opt for the cheap end, and if I find I'm rolling in it I'd  
> invest in a broader market by purchasing, possibly, such an app.  
> But man, $9995 just for rebranding?! I'm sure with Revolution, EQT  
> and some other apps you could do it for a fraction of the cost.
> Even though I do like Norpath, a lot, it still falls short for some  
> other things I want to do (MIDI panning for example. It has it, but  
> not 'controllable'). I'd easily be able to do the same as  
> VideoClix, and then work on the export formats with some other app  
> (probably find a freebie somewhere in Sourceforge).
> Kagi integration would be cool, but then there are other ways to  
> integrate payment systems. Like I said, I'd start small and work up  
> from there.
> Download the trial and see. But really test the trial and see what  
> support you get for any issues you crop up with. After that, well,  
> it's your money!
> But at first glance, looking at the capabilities of the other apps,  
> it doesn't tempt me at the moment, it's too specific, and the  
> projects I have lined up need greater flexibility and facilities.
> I'm sure more experienced Transcript coders than me on this list  
> would be able to drum up something similar (dang! There goes  
> another idea...).
> Let me know what you think!
> Cheers,
> Luis.
> On 10 Oct 2006, at 22:53, GregSmith wrote:
>> Luis:
>> Now that we're discussing various multimedia software, what about  
>> VideoClix?
>> If it had Kagi KRM, I'd buy it today.  The thing about VideoClix  
>> is, again,
>> no forum, not much apparent support, no demo at all and a high  
>> price tag.
>> Now, how do they expect to get customers that way?  Although,  
>> every review
>> is favorable and Apple, itself, (herself, himself), uses this  
>> QuickTime
>> dedicated software.  Now, just casually considering all of the  
>> stuff it
>> allows you to do inside the QuickTime container, and how universal  
>> QuickTime
>> is becoming, (imagine dispensing training solutions via iPods), I  
>> can even
>> imagine being able to put together a rather primitive adventure  
>> game, just
>> by using this app.  What do you know or think about it?
>> Greg Smith

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