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Tue Oct 10 17:29:25 EDT 2006


I've started messing with QuickMedia, and yes, tutorials? What  
tutorials?... No really tho', it's fairly easy to pick up once you  
get going.
I haven't touched the scripting but it does have a BIG PLUS for me:  
MIDI with balance AND pitch control! Yes folks! In the same app!
What it calls SQL, well...isn't. Internet, erm, hmmm.
It is very basic in its approach, which makes experimenting easier,  
and it's the nippiest multimedia app I've used.
Does Mac and PC too.
Support? I haven't experienced it really, like I said, started a  
short while ago. But the forums are very, how can I say it... French?  
And the manuals, well, they did their best!

Now, Norpath. There is a very good tutorial. Links into SQL very  
nicely. Internet aware (I was amazed what I could do with it quite  
frankly, a bit like grabbing .rev files into rev). You can modify the  
Elements to add to your Library. Runs Javascript snippets nicely too.
The only downfall is that it's very heavy: There's a lot of 'initial'  
overhead for a simple app (basic 'connect to SQL' was 25MB) but after  
that the size is bearable. A little free addon from their site gives  
you access to JSP.
But its crowning glory for me is the visual programming (and yes, I  
come from an Assembly language and Forth background, so go figure.  
Maybe it's because things have gotten so complicated  
Does Mac, PC, Linux, Solaris...
Support? Try and Google Norpath, all you get is reviews: It's almost  
like an industrial secret... Support is free for 30 days and then  
there are no forums. I've told them I'd set one up if they didn't. It  
looks like I have to.

Grab a trial and follow the tutorials for Norpath and mess around  
with QuickMedia. I reckon you should get a flavour for what they can  
do in a couple of weeks.

Let me know if you need more details!
If you want I can try to mock something up in Norpath (give me an  
idea) and post it on my site.



On 10 Oct 2006, at 19:32, GregSmith wrote:

> Luis:
> Have you used QuickMedia?  It does, indeed, look really appealing,  
> apart
> from the fact that it doesn't appear to have much in the way of  
> tutorial
> examples.  Without comprehensive learning resources, the most powerful
> multimedia "engine" will lie dormant.  Norpath Elements also looks  
> inviting,
> but I have no idea what its shortcomings might be.
> Thanks,
> Greg Smith
> Luis-24 wrote:
>> Have you seen Norpath Elements? norpath dot com
>> It's a visual coding tool, but you can add additional Elements in
>> ...drum roll... Javascript. Very cool app.
>> The mTropolis wannabee 'Quickmedia'. omegaconcept dot fr
>> Quite a nippy lil' app.
>> Then there's this cool freebie: emma3d dot org
>> I'm sure there's tons of others out there.
>> Cheers,
>> Luis.
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