Comparison of Multimedia Prowess - Director and Revolution

GregSmith brucegregory at
Tue Oct 10 16:39:13 EDT 2006


Thanks very much for the explicit and detailed instructions.  Not being, by
any stretch of the imagination, a programmer, this will take me quite some
time to digest.  LiveStage, despite being very powerful in what it can do, I
don't find extremely friendly to the likes of me.

Thanks again,

Greg Smith

<<You have a couple of different options here.  The EnhancedQT   
external, which provides additional QT functionality in Rev, might be   
useful to you.  You can get it here < 
developer/revolution/> and it is free. 

It is possible to add Wired Sprites to your movies using LiveStage   
and program text to be sent to the hosting application (Revolution).   
Rev player objects (what you play QT movies in) receive the   
QTDebugStr message which you can send form LiveStage using DebugStr. >>
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