Rounded Corners for images?

David Bovill david at
Tue Oct 10 14:32:17 EDT 2006

Actually this is very useful. I won"t pretend I understand it all but at
least I've got a start.

On 10/10/06, Dar Scott <dsc at> wrote:
> This will depend on the layers.  And remember to set the ink of the
> group to something other than srcCopy.

 A question here (have read below) is whether non-ink virgin controls so to
speak as part of an "ink group" effect the behaviour in any way - that is
say there are invisible or "out-of-the way". I would like to kow this so I
can rule this cause out when trying to figure out why my group does not
behave as the simpler group did.

acts as though adding
> parentheses in image math.

OK. So imagine an "ink group" as if it were all by itself and ungrouped on a
card - then sort of burn it down into an image to figure out how it
interacts with other "ink groups". However when you"ve done the "maths" what
"ink would this "ink group" have?

In other words: what sort of beast is (a*b)?

If I start with a group with no inks - lets call this (a-b) - where in my
case a is an image, b is a black graphic and they form a group. Or am I o
the wrong path here?

   1. Now if b has the ink blendSrcOver how do I represent the ink
   2. Then I add blendSrcOver to the group
   3. The I add blendSrcOver to the image a

What would be the notation for these examples???

It is like gluing pictures and
> cards onto a collage.  You work from back to front using the right
> kind of glue for each layer.  The group means that you glue some
> things together, put them in a clear envelope and then using the
> right kind of glue for the group glue that to your collage.

Nice way of thiking about it. If you don"t mind I'll try and synthesize you
comments here and put them on the wiki.

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