Comparison of Multimedia Prowess - Director and Revolution

GregSmith brucegregory at
Tue Oct 10 13:28:12 EDT 2006


Currently, I don't own either Director or Revolution.  To start with, I need
to quickly put together an "application" that presents and links various
QuickTime movies together in a logical fashion, complete with a navigation
and link system, as well as supplimentary texts - basically a branching
media presentation with navigation.  I also need to implement Kagi's KRM
module for sales.  They already support the Director platform.

Later, I'd like to get more game-like in the genres of the classic "King's
Quest" adventure style, as well as more action-based 2D games along the
lines of a side-scroller.

I know these are two completely different applications for any software to
consider producing.  What I have been able to determine is, that in the case
of the first, nearly no programming would be needed to perform it in
Director, whereas some programming would be necessary in Revolution.  And,
in the second case, programming would most definitely be required via either

It sure would be nice if there existed some video tutorials showing how to
do either of these things on either platform.  Then, an objective opinion
could easily be performed by potential purchasers of either software.

Greg Smith
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