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Tue Oct 10 12:36:22 EDT 2006

On 10/10/06 10:18 AM, "Adrian Williams" <adrian at> wrote:

> Ken,
> Tried putting  OpenFolder "C:\WINNT\Fonts"
> in a few places in this code to no avail.
> So where should this be called from?
> The Open folder dialog to navigate is not required,
> just the "Fonts" folder routine?

Actually it turns out that you need to provide the path in a Rev-based file
path (i.e. forward slashes, not backslashes). So this will work:

  OpenFolder "C:/WINNT/Fonts"

but this won't:

  OpenFolder "C:\WINNT\Fonts"

You'll need the OpenFolder handler and the ConvertPath handler from the tip,
and they can be anywhere in the hierarchy as long as they're accessible
(card script, stack script, library, etc.)

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