Comparison of Multimedia Prowess - Director and Revolution

Greg Smith visionto at
Tue Oct 10 09:25:31 EDT 2006


-- I'm still looking for the friendliest programming or non-programming environment for 
multimedia development.  There does not exist a non-programmer's solution, so here I am.

Recent exploration has revealed that Director no longer is pursuing a verbose programming 
solution, (Lingo), but has switched entirely over to javascript.  Can someone please tell me 
how the black hole that is javascript came to be so influential in our galaxy?  I know it was 
written by aliens, but how did they get so much universal power?

So, as far as a verbose, English-like solution, there isn't anything else other than Revolution 
that I would even consider trying to tackle. 

But my application goals are entirely in the realm of multimedia production.  I don't see many 
multimedia or game oriented programs being written in Transcript, but that could just be 
due to lack of interest among the Revolution community. I've casually investigated Malte's 
arcade engine, but that is not exactly everything I would need to emulate some of Director's 
"built-in" functionality.  I know that Revolution doesn't supply these kinds of templates, but, 
as regards overall functionality and prowess in multimedia, can someone with experience of 
both environments comment on similarities, differences and strengths of both development 
platforms?  Also, Director supports, probably the largest set of graphic and video formats;  
how does Revolution compare in this area?


Greg Smith

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