Cursors for Revolution

FlexibleLearning at FlexibleLearning at
Tue Oct 10 10:31:01 EDT 2006

Mark and Steve -

Thank you for making  these available. A most handy contribution for all of 
us. Well  done.


Dear Revolution developers,

Steve  Goldberg has put a big effort into creating a set of cursors  
for  Revolution. He has give Economy-x-Talk permission to make a  
library  with the cursors available through the web site. I am very  
glad Steve  created the cursors, because until now no decent set of  
cursors was  available for Revolution.

Standalones accompanying the library include a  step-by-step guide,  
describing how to make your own cursors. The  cursors and the  
Revolution library can be downloaded from the  developers section of  
the Economy-x-Talk web site at The cursors  
are all free for you to  use.

Best regards,


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