Where to Save Downloads -- Best Practice?

Dave Cragg dcragg at lacscentre.co.uk
Tue Oct 10 08:10:15 EDT 2006

On 10 Oct 2006, at 00:56, Sivakatirswami wrote:

> But, things are not happy on Windows:
> -------------
> # lots of download progress
> # stuff goes on here:
> # then:
> ON saveURL gURL
>   put the filename of this stack into tPath
>   set the itemdel to "/"
>   put "Lastest_Podcast.mp3" into item -1 of tPath
>   put url gURL into url ("binfile:" & tPath)
>   unload url gURL
>   runPodcast tPath
> END saveURL


> So, I'm guessing now that saving  a downloaded cached URL
> to the same directory as the standalone, may not be good practice.
> Windows Wizards, please advise!

I don't think this is just a Windows issue. Assuming the standalone  
is in the "normal" location (Program Files on Windows, Applications  
on OS X), and the user doesn't have Admin rights on the computer,  
then you won't be able to save files to the application folder. I'd  
guess that where it's worked before, the users had appropriate rights.

>   put url gURL into url ("binfile:" & tPath)

You should probably check "the result" after this line to see that  
everything worked.


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