Where to Save Downloads -- Best Practice?

Luis luis at anachreon.co.uk
Tue Oct 10 04:46:26 EDT 2006

Where does the downloaded file appear in on the Windows boxes?
I mean: Is it consistently in the same place? What does your 'tPath' 
point to?
May it be relying on the default IE download location?



Sivakatirswami wrote:
> I have a Podcast App dedicated to a single feed.
> to avoid issues with the player playing streaming
> remote URL's (which is not working on many windows
> machines)I used a download, save and play model,
> as we know that playing media from the local hard
> drive is quite solid.
> But, now a new problem arises, some windows users
> are complaining that the podcast appears to be
> downloaded but can't be played. My script is simple
> and works on the Mac where the downloaded file
> ends up inside (unexpectedly) in the package contents
> of the standalone on OSX...
> Where, btw, Spotlight and Mac Finder "Find"
> are unable to find it....causing me to be perplexed because
> the download appeared fine, the audio played but I could
> not find the file! the path returned by the filename
> of this stack goes all the way down into
> ../Podcast.app/Contents/MacOS/Latest_Podcast.mp3
> Fortunately the player in Rev has no problem with this path:
> ~/Desktop/Podcast.app/Contents/MacOS/Latest_Podcast.mp3
> But, things are not happy on Windows:
> -------------
> # lots of download progress
> # stuff goes on here:
> # then:
> ON saveURL gURL
>   put the filename of this stack into tPath
>   set the itemdel to "/"
>   put "Lastest_Podcast.mp3" into item -1 of tPath
>   put url gURL into url ("binfile:" & tPath)
>   unload url gURL
>   runPodcast tPath
> END saveURL
>  ON RunPodcast pPath
>    set the cursor to arrow
>      show player "player1" --with visual effect dissolve
>      set the filename of player "player1" to pPath
>      start player "player1"
>      set the itemdel to ":"
>      put item 1 of tDuration && "min. " & item 2 of tDuration && "sec." 
> into tLength
>     showstatus ("Title:" & cr &cr & tTitle & cr & cr & tLength),15
>      show image "Gurudeva" with visual dissolve slowly
> END runPodCast
> ------------------
> Again, same old issue: This works fine on our old Del Running XP..
> So, my in-house tests indicate "Looking Good on Windows--
> OK to Ship...."
> Then now I get a report from a Windows user
> "It downloads but it will not play... "  On this same user's
> machine they use another application I deploy which plays sound
> files in Revolution, but they save the files manually to some other
> directory on their box.  So, I'm thinking there is a problem with
> writing to a protected directory?  Or does can windows be set to block
> saving a file that was just downloaded via http?
> So, I'm guessing now that saving  a downloaded cached URL
> to the same directory as the standalone, may not be good practice.
> Windows Wizards, please advise!
> Sivakatirswami
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