Rounded Corners for images?

David Bovill david at
Tue Oct 10 00:32:13 EDT 2006

On 09/10/06, Dar Scott <dsc at> wrote:

> Group the graphic and the image, with the graphic in back.  Set the
> ink of the graphic and group to blendSrcOver.  Set the image to
> blendSrcAtop.

OK - got this working. though I don"t really get it :)

If the image changes a lot or you will be making lots of these, you
> might want to make a custom control where the rounded rectangle is
> adjusted to fit the image.

I think that's what i am doing - a resizeable custom control.

You can now move this group like you would the original image.

Yes - but it seems a bit fragile. Or  that is it took a lot of tinkering to
set it right, and then I tried it on an existing group which continas other
objects as well as the graphic and image - and try as I can i can"t get the
same effect.

Is there some documentation on this or can you explain why / what grouped
inks work?

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