[OT] Installing SheepShaver (was Re: Classic Emulators)

Jim Carwardine JimCarwardine at OwnYourFuture-net.com
Mon Oct 9 20:34:01 EDT 2006

Hi Ken... I created the .dmg file and put it in my SS folder.  I mounted it
in the SS GUI but when I start SS and bring up OS 9, the .dmg isn't there.
Is there something more I need to do?  Jim

on 10/3/06 6:08 PM, Ken Ray wrote:

> Well, it turns out that the instructions for making a shared folder are
> faulty - apparently shared folders don't work well in the current version of
> SS. However you can do this instead: Fire up Disk Utility and make a .dmg
> file that is the size you want to use for "sharing". In the SheepShaver GUI
> window click the "Add..." button in the Volumes tab, and select the .dmg
> file you created, and Quit SheepShaver GUI. When you want to copy files from
> OS X to OS 9, mount your .dmg in OS X by double-clicking it, drag files into
> it, and then eject the mounted volume. Then, launch SheepShaver and when you
> get to the OS 9 desktop, you'll have another hard drive there, which is your
> .dmg file. You can do this in reverse as well to get things from OS 9 to OS
> X.
> The only caveat is that you get very unpredictable results if you attempt to
> keep the .dmg mounted in OS X at the same time as SS is running... files
> have been lost and the .dmg can get corrupted, so make sure you fully
> unmount the drive (imagine you're putting something on a floppy in one
> machine to carry to the next machine).


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