Rounded Corners for images?

Luis luis at
Mon Oct 9 19:01:58 EDT 2006

What about:

Getting the background colour of where the image is.
Plop a button of the same height and width of the image (rounded  
corners... :)
Use the button as a mask (making sure it doesn't 'show').
Group them together.
Setting the 'button-mask' background to the image background colour.

Ok, remember, I'm still learning Transcript, so I don't know for sure  
the button could be used this way. Just thought I'd throw something in.

Btw, I still have the mTropolis CDs.



On 9 Oct 2006, at 23:34, stgoldberg at wrote:

> The now defunct program mTropolis had a simple method for creating  
> rounded corners on images.  One simply placed the mTropolis graphic  
> icon on the image and checked off the round rectangle option; the  
> image instantly changed to one with rounded corners.  I used this  
> extensively for images and it added a nice alternative to the  
> routine sharp rectangle appearance.  I don't know how the mTropolis  
> developers programmed this, but it would be a  nice option to add,  
> if feasible, to Revolution.
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