Size and power ratio of backpattern images

J. Landman Gay jacque at
Mon Oct 9 18:20:22 EDT 2006

Wilhelm Sanke wrote:

> I experience no limitations so far on MacOS and on Windows concerning 
> the size of the images or constraints of divisibility. Backpattern 
> images can be of a size of 500X300 pixels - or *any* other size - on 
> MacOS and Windows and can have indivisible ratios for example of 151 X 259!
> So I am wondering to what Kevin is referring?

The size limit on patterned images was lifted in 2.7.x (I forget exactly 
which version.) So Kevin was stating older restrictions. They still 
apply on Mac OS though; only Mac OS X (and other platforms) can work 
with any size image as a backpattern.

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