Rounded Corners for images?

David Bovill david at
Mon Oct 9 16:40:39 EDT 2006

The aim is to be able to grab any image from anywhere, and give it the type
of border (ie "frame") that you want - and additionally place drop-shadow
text on top ot it. The images vary, the text varies, and though I do not
have a need right now I would like to be able to change the size of the
frame (it is fixed for now).

I have an image object (that is a group containing and image control) -
which I can pan around the image and zoom in and out - so i am thinking of
using this for the image. What I need to be able to do is add the rounded
border to the final size I need. Then take a snapsot of the group and ftp
the image to the web-site.

I think either using the backgroundPattern or the new fab grouped ink will
work great - I did not know about either. The grouped ink meybe more "pure'
as I can have white space around the image and avoid the repeating effect.
backgroundPattern is simler though - inks do my head in :)

Thanks fro the help everyone!

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