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Mon Oct 9 16:38:48 EDT 2006

Lemme cite an example of Macro Substitution:

put "/sbt/apdata1/apmast" into m0apmast
put "02" into m0company

now referring to &m0apmast.&m0company. would yield "/sbt/apdata1/ 

The ampersand is the Macro Substitution operator in Foxpro.

I think I can code around this. It's just that I am finding I am  
going to have to do a lot of recoding to make this port work.

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On Oct 9, 2006, at 10:37 AM, Jan Schenkel wrote:

> --- Robert Sneidar <bobs at> wrote:
>> I am a bit stumped as to what to do to convert macro
>> substitutions in
>> the fox code I am porting. Macro substitution is
>> when I can refer to
>> a variable using a delimiter and the variable will
>> be substituted for
>> the value it contains at runtime. So if bobtest
>> contained "blah" then
>> I could "get $bobtest.1" and the code at runtime
>> would give me the
>> value of blah1. I won't go into the virtues of macro
>> substitution
>> here. There are times when it is quite handy.
>> I know Revolution has no such convention. I am
>> hoping to avoid a lot
>> of extra coding to convert macro substitutions in
>> the Foxpro code.
>> Any ideas?
>> Bob Sneidar
> Hi Bob,
> Depending on the circumstances, you can use the 'do'
> command and 'value' function to achieve your goal.
> --
> on mouseUp
>   local blah1
>   put 40 into blah1
>   local bobtest
>   put "blah" into bobtest
>   answer value(bobtest & 1)
> end mouseUp
> --
> Hope this helped,
> Jan Schenkel.
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