Variable Scoping

Robert Sneidar bobs at
Mon Oct 9 16:09:33 EDT 2006

I am quite familiar with variable scoping. I am just not used to  
scoping that leaves variables in a calling procedure invisible to the  
called procedure. But actually, I read the User Guide (imagine that)  
and came up with this:

Environment variables
Most operating systems that Revolution supports provide information  
about the operating
environment in environment variables.
You can access environment variables by prepending the $ character to  
the variable's
name. For example, the following statement gets the contents of the  
environment variable, which holds the current user's login name:
   get $LOGNAME
See your operating system's technical documentation to find out what  
variables are available.
You can also create your own environment variables by prepending the  
$ character to the
new environment variable's name:
   put field 3 into $MYENVVAR

This I can use to mimic a kind of "global" variable system without  
having to scour the 450,000+ lines of code for variable names and  
then declare all of them as global at the head of every script that  
uses them.

Bob Sneidar
IT Manager
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