Text Drop Shadows

Bill Marriott wjm at wjm.org
Mon Oct 9 14:06:00 EDT 2006

A "true" shadow effect could have five copies of the original text, or more:

Original Text (in white, foreground)
Copy 1 offset up one pixel and to the left one pixel
Copy 2 offset up one pixel and to the right one pixel
Copy 3 offset down one pixel and to the left one pixel
Copy 4 offset down one pixel and to the right one pixel
Copy 5 offset down three pixels and to the right three pixels (adjusted 
depending on the shadow effect you want to create)

The first four copies are to "outline" the white text and the last one to 
provide the shadow effect. I say "true" because this was the way the 
"Shadow" text style looked on the original Macintosh.

Rather than copy "and paste" the text, look into the

copy fld "MyCaption" to this card

form of the copy command, described in-depth in the documentation. You don't 
want to use "copy and paste" because this is "destructive" to the clipboard. 
It replaces whatever the user might have placed there. You want to avoid 
this behavior, because users consider the clipboard persistent, even across 
applications, unless they explicitly change it (by deliberately copying 
something else).

You have a lot of choices on how to set this up. You could have all the 
fields needed to create the shadow effect already on the card and just set 
the contents of all of them to the caption text after each keypress.

"David Bovill" <david at openpartnership.net> 
wrote in message 
news:c1c5836b0610091035w5928cf61s86043e99c269cbce at mail.gmail.com...
> Has anyone figured out how to make nice looking 3D text drop shadows? I 
> know
> there is a standard technique for creating a black version and pasting it
> behind -- offset a little - but am shaky on the details.
> Anyone got a stack? The idea is to make it easy for a user to overlay a
> title on the photo?
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