Specific Color Ink

Dar Scott dsc at swcp.com
Mon Oct 9 13:42:39 EDT 2006

On Oct 8, 2006, at 11:57 PM, Bridger Maxwell wrote:

> So we have various buttons and
> controls, and everything else is black.  I wanted to add hilites to  
> all the
> black that is already there, without redoing all the images and  
> opening them
> in Photoshop to make the black transparent.  What I would like to  
> do is add
> an image over the top of everything that is the hilites, but only  
> shows up
> when the pixel is completely black.  That way I could add a cool  
> effect,
> without redoing the whole interface.

I guess you could put an image between the black background and  
everything else.

I guess the problem with that is that you have black instead of  
transparent in some of your controls.

The best method is to do what you were trying to avoid.  Fix the  
controls so they can go on a variety of backgrounds.  With the style  
you are looking for you don't need transparent shadows and such, so  
after a little experimenting to get smooth edges that should go  
fast.  This will give you the most flexibility, too.

I don't know of any way to do color keying with inks.  You might try  
an ink that affects black more than others, such as blendScreen using  
black with greyish highlights.  That might put a little highlight on  
your darker controls, but that may not be so bad.

Hmmm, you might want to tinker with other ink.  Maybe it would work  
to put some blend over the whole thing.

Here is a problem:  If you put an image over all of your controls,  
how do you use the controls?  I have reversed the order and used ink  
blendDestOver to handle this, but not in combination with  
blendScreen.  You might have to experiment a little.


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