Variable Scoping

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Mon Oct 9 13:12:48 EDT 2006


If you need a variable to be available to all handlers in an object  
(button, field, card, stack, group) you can do the following:

local lVar

on handler1
   put x into lVar
and handler1

on handler2
   put lVar
   -- message box contains x
end handler 2

but if you need the variable only in handler1 and handler2 and not in  
any other handler of the script of that particular object, you can do

on handler1
   put x into myVar
   handler2 myVar
end handler1

on handler2 theVar
   put theVar
   -- msg box contains x
end handler2

If you want a variable to be available to all scripts in the IDE or  
standalone, replace

local lVar


global gVar

and use the following:

global gVar

on handler1
   put x into gVar
and handler1

on handler2
   put gVar
   -- message box contains x
end handler 2




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Op 7-okt-2006, om 6:18 heeft Robert Sneidar het volgende geschreven:

> Am I correct in stating that variables in a custom command are not  
> visible to other commands and functions that it calls? In other  
> words, if I put "blah" into bobtest in handler "dosomething" and  
> then "dosomething" calls handler "somethingelse", is bobtest  
> invisible to handler "somethingelse"? Is there any way to change  
> this behavior? If not, is there any way I can lobby Runtime  
> Revolution to consider adding this as a switchable option? OMHO  
> children should inherit what the parent has. I see variables  
> defined by a parent as objects belonging to the parent, and  
> therefore should be visible to the parent.
> Then the local declaration would have some meaning. Declaring a  
> variable as local would force the behavior that is status quo now.  
> Otherwise parent variables would be visible to the handlers the  
> parent calls. This seems to make more sense to me. But I suspect  
> this would be a huge recoding change.
> I think I could mimic this behavior, but at a big performance  
> penalty. I think my Foxpro port hangs on this.
> Bob Sneidar
> IT Manager
> Logos Management
> Calvary Chapel CM

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