OT: Macbook Random Shutdown

Marian Petrides mpetrides at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 8 19:26:49 EDT 2006

Matt wrote:  You might want to check the discussion boards on Apple's  

Macintouch has a very helpful thread:


and I'm sure there's lots of good info on Apple's Discussion board.   
 From a quick perusal of macintouch, it looks like the problem is  
often heat-related and fixes have included logic board replacement,  
heat sink replacement, heat sensor problems (vide infra).  Other  
things that appear to have worked sometimes are removing third party  
RAM and/or reseating the RAM.  Also, throttling the CPU back (this  
was also suggested as a fix for MBP noise issues until Apple finally  
isolated the problem and initiated logic board swaps).

All of the above is a summary of what I've read.  I'm using a MacBook  
Pro, so I've had OTHER (noise) problems.  My suspicion is that once  
Apple really figures out the culprit, they will do a "silent recall"  
like they did for MBPs with the CPU whine--they simply posted a tech  
note that said that owners who were experiencing noise problems with  
their MBP should contact Apple for repair.


On Oct 8, 2006, at 6:05 PM, matt kutscher wrote:

> You might want to check the discussion boards on Apple's website.  
> The problem (as was with my macbook) was a faulty logic board and  
> heat sensor. Thus, the problem was the machine was getting way too  
> hot and then shut down (that was my first time to send my machine  
> in which caused the logic board replacement). However, the heat  
> sensor was still reading the hardware as too hot and thus shut the  
> machine off.

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