OT: Macbook Random Shutdown

Shari shari at gypsyware.com
Sun Oct 8 17:33:36 EDT 2006

Is it a new computer?  There is a huge battery recall for laptop 
computers.  All batteries made by Sony are being recalled, and this 
is affecting many brands of laptops.  Something about the batteries 
overheating, and apparently some have caught fire.  I wonder if a hot 
battery would cause the computer to shut down?  Though if that were 
so, surely there wouldn't have been actual fires.


>I am also on 10.4.7
>I never gave much thought about this random shutdown issues, I've 
>seen reports on that on digg.com and on osnews.com. Then it happened 
>to me. I've read it also affects some macbooks pro.
>I have this macbook since revconwest and it was working fine till today. :-(
>I already reset the PMU and the NVRAM. Now it appears to be working 
>fine. I am allowing the battery to run dry, then I'll power it to 
>full  again, maybe battery callibration will make my macbook happy.

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