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Luis luis at
Sun Oct 8 13:32:47 EDT 2006


Erm, anyone tried (on a duplicate of course) renaming a .rev file  
to .html and opening it in a browser? Looks interesting...


> Viktoras Didziulis wrote:
>> As we all know stacks in Rev are binary files with scripts as  
>> text. My
>> question would be is there a preferred [proper, accepted] way or any
>> guidelines to describe RunRev projects' source so it could be  
>> searched as a
>> whole and imported into ReunRev RAD directly? Or should we put  
>> extra efforts
>> by rewriting the code manually so it could be searched by search  
>> engines and
>> leave it for developers to translate it to RunRev manually again?  
>> This is
>> not so attractive for the both sides and requires additional  
>> efforts by
>> those who want to share and those who would like to reuse the  
>> shared code.  There is a brilliant idea Luis just wrote about -it  
>> indeed would be nice to
>> have RunRev cards and stacks (not compiled) to be described in XML  
>> that
>> could be directly imported into the RunRev RAD and/or searched by  
>> search
>> engines. I guess someone at Runtime Ltd or maybe outside has to  
>> define the
>> XML syntax to be used and create an XML/Transcript source code  
>> import/export
>> tool with existing RunRev tools. Should we try ;-) it is worth  
>> efforts.
>>  Best wishes Viktoras  -------Original Message-------  From: Mark  
>> Wieder Date: 10/06/06 08:11:04 To: use-revolution at  
>> Subject: Google Code Search  All-  I just got pointed to Google  
>> Code Search today. Looks like a great online tool. There's no  
>> xtalk in their otherwise great selection of programming languages,  
>> but they're open to suggestions (there's a feedback link)...   

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