Collision Detection w/o AE

Mark Greenberg markgreenberg at
Sun Oct 8 12:46:32 EDT 2006

Thank you Malte & Derek for your suggestions about collision detection.

Malte, my school district will not allow me to load any further  
software onto the students' computers for the project the students  
are doing with Rev.  In fact, it appears they are planning to cancel  
the project altogether because the person who was overseeing it at  
the district level has retired.  Where he saw innovation, the new  
fellow sees violations of policy and inappropriate use of district  
resources. But that's a long story about a different type of  
collision.  I think that the Arcade Engine is fantastic! I have the  
version you let list members download when it first came out and have  
had fun with it.

Derek, I may pay for yours because it will allow me to peek at the  
script at home and adapt it to my students' needs.  The students are  
making an educational game about the solar system. It resembles the  
old Space Invaders, with asteroids falling from the sky and a space  
ship that slides left and right to shoot them.  The asteroids have  
the answers to questions on them.  The students need to script a  
handler for when the bullets hit the asteroids.

Both of your solutions seem to involve the alpha data of the images.  
I will investigate that idea myself.  Yesterday one of my student got  
the "is within" operator to trigger at about the right moment by  
resizing the transparent field that accompanies the image, so maybe,  
for this particular stack, we won't need true collision detection.

Thank you both for your responses.

	Mark Greenberg

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