OT: Macbook Random Shutdown

Pierre Sahores psahores at free.fr
Sun Oct 8 12:31:15 EDT 2006

Aloha Andre,

Something a little different occured to my macBook Pro 2Ghz 2Go RAM  
yesterday (first time since i got it two month ago : after going out  
of sleep, the screen stay black but all other functionnalities are  
active (keyboard, DVD drive, etc...). I had to reboot to get the  
laptop running OK again. Perhaps just a firmware update to fix,  
perhaps more...

Best Regards,

Le 8 oct. 06 à 17:48, Andre Garzia a écrit :

> I call on the wondeful knowledge base of the Apple Experts here! :-)
> Starting today, my Macbook is experiencing random shutdown,  
> meaning, all of a sudden the screen goes black and the power is  
> off. Then it won't start again, press the power button, it goes up  
> for 1-2 secs and then it will go down again. After the fourth or  
> fifith try, it will boot, but no one knows for how long it will  
> stay up.
> I checked on the popular sites and it appears that this is a wide  
> spread issue with no easy fix, people are changing their macbooks  
> logic board to fix it, others are blanketing the thing with termal  
> paste... I don't know what to do. Apple Brasil is a joke as a  
> company, they never answer and their prices are so high that is  
> cheaper to travel to the US buy the thing there and come back than  
> buying apples here.
> anyone seen this before, any one got a clue or wise advise?
> I am moving my development back to my g4 iBook.
> And people asked me why I never sell old computers... thats why...
> In Panic
> Andre
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Pierre Sahores

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