use-revolution Digest, Vol 37, Issue 11

Marielle Lange mlange at
Sun Oct 8 11:23:50 EDT 2006

Dear Viktoras,

On a positive note:

A lot of runrev code is already available at:

All code there is enclosed within a tag <code type="xtalk">...</ 
code>, allowing for rapid automatic parsing if needed.

Some of the code is presented in libraries:

Where you are pretty much free to cut and paste the relevant code.

There is an example of how you can code in runrev to have components  
rather than libraries, with the advantage of components being that  
you can simply add them by drag and drop to any new card or stack and  
start using them directly:

I  have improved on the techniques described there. However as I tend  
to code less and less in runrev, I didn't update this on the web. The  
XML solution was explored as well. Note that realbasic already has  
such a solution in place: 

On a negative note:

Note however that this is too much work for a person alone. The  
question to answer then is "would you be ready to share your own  
stacks, libraries, and components with others or are you only  
interested in a one way service?". When this was discussed 4-5 months  
ago, I was under the impression that though there was obviously a  
large number of persons were interested in benefitting from efforts  
made by others, there were not enough persons could be found who were  
ready to make efforts to do something that would benefit the  
community at large.

As a result, jerry went on to propose a commercial solution. http:// And I simply started to refresh my javascript  

> Should we try ;-) it is worth efforts.

Ok, what amount of time each week are you ready to contribute to such  
an effort? If the answer is zero, then best would be to wait 3-4  
months and be ready to pay $16-24 a month and to have all material of  
interest locked up in that paying service since all major  
contributors of this list will register.

I am afraid, that's how it work. To expect to get something for free,  
you need to be ready to give something for free.


> From: "Viktoras Didziulis" <viktoras at>
> Date: 6 October 2006 09:26:07 BDT
> To: <use-revolution at>
> Subject: Re: Google Code Search
> Reply-To: How to use Revolution <use-revolution at>
> As we all know stacks in Rev are binary files with scripts as text. My
> question would be is there a preferred [proper, accepted] way or any
> guidelines to describe RunRev projects' source so it could be  
> searched as a
> whole and imported into ReunRev RAD directly? Or should we put  
> extra efforts
> by rewriting the code manually so it could be searched by search  
> engines and
> leave it for developers to translate it to RunRev manually again?  
> This is
> not so attractive for the both sides and requires additional  
> efforts by
> those who want to share and those who would like to reuse the  
> shared code.
> There is a brilliant idea Luis just wrote about -it indeed would be  
> nice to
> have RunRev cards and stacks (not compiled) to be described in XML  
> that
> could be directly imported into the RunRev RAD and/or searched by  
> search
> engines. I guess someone at Runtime Ltd or maybe outside has to  
> define the
> XML syntax to be used and create an XML/Transcript source code  
> import/export
> tool with existing RunRev tools. Should we try ;-) it is worth  
> efforts.
> Best wishes
> Viktoras

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