Simple "Wrapper" App for Video Training Distribution and Sale

Your Name visionto at
Sun Oct 8 09:23:58 EDT 2006

Having discovered Kagi's wonderful KRM service for unlocking an applications' full 
functionality, immediately while launching the program, (great for impulse purchases), I was 
wondering how simple or complicated putting together a simple wrapper type program for 
dispensing training videos would be.  I'm a total novice regarding programming, and am 
curious whether this is a task a novice could complete, un-aided, using Revolution Studio.  (I 
think I would need Studio in order to offer cross-platform training). 

Are there any tutorials that would give a good taste of how much knowledge would be 
necessary to have assimilated to author this kind of application? 

Does anyone know, for sure, when the "plug-in" from Kagi's KRM to a Revolution application 
will be complete? 


Greg Smith

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