Overusing custom properties

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Sun Oct 8 08:31:50 EDT 2006

Hi Shari,

>> don't worry, check the MC "Help index" for "Limits"!
>> Excerpt:
>> Custom properties per object = uint4 = about 4 GB!
>> Should be sufficient even for extraordinary needs :-)
> Cool!
> I haven't reached the heights of extraordinary yet :-)  I wanted to  
> make sure that I wasn't abusing the custom properties in some way  
> that would make Revolution unhappy.  Sometimes you CAN do something  
> but you SHOULDN'T.  I always think of them as a one or two word  
> storage unit.  I had never stored this much data in them before.

you can store EVERYTHING in customproperties, even complete ZIPped  
which makes this an ideal candidate for creating custom installers :-)

I use to put complete stacks into cps:
set the myTemplateStack of this stack to url("binfile:/Volumes/Ablage/ 
pk/Kunstgalerie Bohmte/funnystack.mc")

and spit them out if needed with:
get the myTemplateStack of this stack
go stack it

This avoids the possible hassle of cloning a stack in a standalone :-)

> There are so many ways you can store something... in a field, a  
> global, a custom property... I didn't know if Revolution had some  
> quirky preferences as to what sort of data got stored in what sort  
> of way.

The advantage of storing things in cps, especially binary data of all  
kind, is that
the engine does not add linefeeds/CR to the data as will happen with  

> I'd be amazed if the entire stack gets to be more than 10 MB when  
> finished.
> Thank you, Klaus.

You're welcome!

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Klaus Major
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