Overusing custom properties

Shari shari at gypsyware.com
Sun Oct 8 08:18:12 EDT 2006

>don't worry, check the MC "Help index" for "Limits"!
>Custom properties per object = uint4 = about 4 GB!
>Should be sufficient even for extraordinary needs :-)


I haven't reached the heights of extraordinary yet :-)  I wanted to 
make sure that I wasn't abusing the custom properties in some way 
that would make Revolution unhappy.  Sometimes you CAN do something 
but you SHOULDN'T.  I always think of them as a one or two word 
storage unit.  I had never stored this much data in them before.

There are so many ways you can store something... in a field, a 
global, a custom property... I didn't know if Revolution had some 
quirky preferences as to what sort of data got stored in what sort of 

I'd be amazed if the entire stack gets to be more than 10 MB when finished.

Thank you, Klaus.
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