Testing for numerics

FlexibleLearning at aol.com FlexibleLearning at aol.com
Sun Oct 8 07:36:16 EDT 2006

>> Hugh, of course, has been using Jacque's TimeWarp stack since  before
>> it existed, and is therefore able to make accurate  retroactive
>> predictions. Contradicting him is futile, because he  will then go back
>> and change the timeline, and then where will you  be, eh?

> I *knew* there was a reason I was having so much trouble  debugging that 
> stack. Hugh, lay off.

Aww. And I was having  so much fun messing with the temporal directive, too. 
Okay. Consider me layed.  Or laid (another good reason to mess with the 
temporal directive).
And before anyone suggests it, NO... I did not screw up the server on  Friday 
(I just went back and checked). This does not mean, however, that I  won't go 
back in the future into the past and undo what I didn't do in this time  line.

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