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Fri Oct 6 04:26:07 EDT 2006

As we all know stacks in Rev are binary files with scripts as text. My
question would be is there a preferred [proper, accepted] way or any
guidelines to describe RunRev projects' source so it could be searched as a
whole and imported into ReunRev RAD directly? Or should we put extra efforts
by rewriting the code manually so it could be searched by search engines and
leave it for developers to translate it to RunRev manually again? This is
not so attractive for the both sides and requires additional efforts by
those who want to share and those who would like to reuse the shared code. 
There is a brilliant idea Luis just wrote about -it indeed would be nice to
have RunRev cards and stacks (not compiled) to be described in XML that
could be directly imported into the RunRev RAD and/or searched by search
engines. I guess someone at Runtime Ltd or maybe outside has to define the
XML syntax to be used and create an XML/Transcript source code import/export
tool with existing RunRev tools. Should we try ;-) it is worth efforts.
Best wishes 
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Subject: Google Code Search 
I just got pointed to Google Code Search today. Looks like a great 
online tool. There's no xtalk in their otherwise great selection of 
programming languages, but they're open to suggestions (there's a 
feedback link)... 
-Mark Wieder 
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