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On 5 Oct 2006, at 22:53, Mark Wieder wrote:

> Luis-
> Thursday, October 5, 2006, 2:17:06 AM, you wrote:
>> Anyone have any idea where to find SVG in Revolution? Nothing in the
>> docs. I noted this on their site:
>> 'Beautiful vector graphics engine with SVG operators.
>> Build powerful vector graphics creation and generation tools.'
> Interesting. I wonder how long that text has been in there...

Yeah, I'm wondering too (got stung by MIDI 'support'...).

> Do you need the actual SVG operators or are you interested in
> implementing vector graphics in general? While I've been successful in
> shelling out to ImageMagick to do SVG graphics, it's a bit of work and
> not a lot of fun.

Well, it depends: If the SVG operators are there (the ones I can't  
find...) I'd use them. If the current 'graphic' operators ('line' and  
the rest of that bunch) are displayed as SVG, then I'd use them. But  
in the last case, is there an SVG engine under the hood (is  
Revolution abstracting out the SVG)? If so, where are the rest of the  
SVG operators?! Maybe they're hidden/abstracted in the other image  
If SVG is in there then it presents other possibilities I'd like to  
utilise, especially if this could be run as a CGI.
I could hack away at the available drawing commands (hmm, or even  
'translating' the drawing tools to SVG. I'll get sore, but I might  
try it) but SVG presents another facet to developing with Revolution.

Maybe I should present these 'missing' features to Runtime, see what  
they say.

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