Delivering Cross-Platform Solutions (was RE: [OT] - REALBasic Claims 100K Users)

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Thu Oct 5 12:08:26 EDT 2006


Completely agree. (Wow, with Judy agreeing with ME and me agreeing with YOU,
this place is starting to become all too agreeable, isn't it? <g,r,d>)

There are so many pros and cons of every development tool and language on
the planet that I've always maintained it comes down to two issues most of
the time: (1) what are you comfortable with (i.e., used to using); and (2)
personal taste when it's time to add a new tool to your kit.

I'm an object thinker and coder. I love Smalltalk. Given a choice between
Transcript and RB, you'd think I'd opt for RB every time. Nope. I've tried
it several times and although its OO is pretty well implemented, the rest of
the language syntax is, for me, too cumbersome and Java-like. Transcript,
OTOH, is intuitive and well-designed. Do I wish I could do OO in Transcript?
You bet. But the rapid part of RAD is important to me and RB ain't that
rapid, at least in my hands.

On 10/5/06, Lynn Fredricks <lynn at> wrote:
> If your affirmed goal is to learn object-oriented
> BASIC, Revolution isnt going to be the tool for you. If you need to
> deliver
> a solution into that space, well, that's where the discussion gets
> interesting :-)
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