[OT] - REALBasic Claims 100K Users

Lynn Fredricks lynn at paradigmasoft.com
Thu Oct 5 11:02:26 EDT 2006

> > Some versions check to see if your subscription is still active or 
> > not.
> This isn't true, REALbasic does not phone home.  On Windows,  
> REALbasic uses IPC sockets to communicate with a debug application.   
> Depending on what Firewall software a Windows user is using 
> and how they have it configured, this inter-process 
> communication can trigger a warning.  Unfortunately the 
> warning message is somewhat misleading.

Just a word of introduction - Dave Grogono has been with REAL's technical
group for many years so he knows his stuff. Its nice to know REAL is keeping
an eye on us still ;-)

I bow to Dave's wisdom on this in this case; however some versions do
indicate how long your subscription is good for. Dave, during the upgrade
process (when you enter an upgrade key), is there any communication with the
home server or is the entire process handled locally?

> Lynn's reply also implies that when a "subscription" runs out 
> you can no longer use your current version of REALbasic.  
> This isn't the case.  When you purchase REALbasic you get 
> both the current release and 6 months of updates (at least 
> two more releases).  You can continue using these versions 
> even if you choose not to renew your update plan.

I know you just love the word "subscription" Dave :-) But I did not imply
this - you can continue to get upgrades to REALbasic as long as your
subscription plan is active, but your old version stays useful forever. That
is also the case with Revolution.

On the other hand, although it comes with 6 months of subscription updates
that doesn't mean you'll necessarily get two more versions except in theory
that they are delivered in that time period (or unless there has been a
policy change I havent heard of recently). REAL has a published plan to
deliver two updates in that time (once every 90 days I believe). This has
positives and negatives, clearly. Sometimes that means some features that
get worked and tested in one update cycle don't get shipped until a
following one. On the other hand, you do know that you are, at most, about
90 days away from an update of some kind.

Best regards,

Lynn Fredricks
Worldwide Business Operations
Runtime Revolution, Ltd

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