[REQ] Testers

Shao Sean shaosean at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 5 08:33:15 EDT 2006

Sorry for the confusion.. We're not looking at how to do it, we're looking 
for people who are interested in how to do it in their own application 
without having to script anything extra..

We were going to keep quiet about it, but we're excited about all the hard 
work put into it and to get it to merge into the Rev IDE _without_ modifying 
the IDE (which we're sure is a good point for lots of people).. For those 
who are wondering about it, here are some screenshots so you can see what it 
looks like.. http://shaosean.wehostmacs.com/libLanguages.php

There is also a roadmap done for upgrades to the library, but the first 
priority was getting the main language switching engine running.. We 
honestly believe that once you start working with it you'll wonder how you 
got along without it before ^_^


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