[REQ] Testers

Klaus Major klaus at major-k.de
Thu Oct 5 06:49:51 EDT 2006

Bonjour Eric,

> Hi Klaus,
> Your are right.
> As usual ;-)


> But you should know that I don't speak English (only Transcript ;-)


So you "portray" the english words directly from the dictionary to your
posts to this list? :-D

> Le 5 oct. 06 à 12:42, Klaus Major a écrit :
>> Bonjour mes amis francaises,
>>> Hi Shao,
>>> If you plan to use Unicode, I can't help you but if your goal is  
>>> limited to Roman languages, I use a very simple and reliable  
>>> method I can tell you.
>> if you read this post again, you might notice that Sean is NOT  
>> looking for help with
>> making multilingual apps, but looking for testers for his solution  
>> to this problem!
>> For me this was non-ambiguous immediately ;-)
>>> Le 5 oct. 06 à 09:57, Shao Sean a écrit :
>>>> Do you make programs in multiple language? Looking for a quick  
>>>> and simple way to do it within Rev? Contact me directly to sign-up.
>>> Best Regards from Paris,
>>> Eric Chatonet


Klaus Major
klaus at major-k.de

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