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Adrian Williams adrian at
Thu Oct 5 06:38:36 EDT 2006

Just to clarify to everyone what I'm trying to do.
Please look at a graphic explanation here...

Tried Jim Ault's solution, but it works only on existing text
already placed in the field. Any key pressed result in a message.
I need a function that triggers at each keyDown.

I will try Jacqueline/Martin's solution now, with a keyDown
in the editedText field and a lookupchar function in the card.

After this is achieved, at some point I then need to deal with the
keyDown event when the User places the insertion point arbitrarily
in the text to revise a word.

Still plugging away...

On 4 Oct 2006, at 00:53, Martin Blackman wrote:

> Sounds like there is an error 'cos there is no selected text.  Try
> putting a keydown handler similar to my/Jacque's recommendation into
> the editedtext field script, and the lookupchar function into the card
> or stack script (you can remove the button). Then chars should be
> replaced as you type in editedtext. Keep on plugging away..
> experimentation and the dictionary are helpful when things don't seem
> to work.
>> >
>> So... I made a new main Stack: lookup.rev,
>> created three fields: editedText, input, output,
>> and a button to run the script.
>> ABC is first line of 'input' field.
>> 123 is first line of output filed.
>> in field editedText, ABC is entered.
>> Button is pressed.
>> Result: "Error in handler"
>> Hint: function.
>> This function should work in its own right - yes?
>> Adrian
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