Testing for numerics

FlexibleLearning at aol.com FlexibleLearning at aol.com
Thu Oct 5 05:42:28 EDT 2006

Declaring initialised globals is not supported, so "global gAGlobal" is  
fine, but "global gAGlobal=empty" throws an error.
I can think of three ways to accomplish this:
Test against prior usage...
  if "gAGlobal" is not among the items of the globals then
    global gAGlobal
    put 10 into gAGlobal
  end if
Test against contents...
  global gAGlobal
  if gAGlobal <>"" then put 10 into gAGlobal
  delete global gAGlobal
  global gAGlobal

> Robert, though this has nothing to do with type-checking, you  can  
> initialise variables to whatever you like when you declare  them, so
> global gAGlobal = empty

>>I for one would like to be able to have the  
>>  option of having new global variables initialized with NULL or   
>> UNDEFINED or something, so that I can check for the first  time  
>> initialization of said  variables.

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