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Ruslan Zasukhin sunshine at public.kherson.ua
Thu Oct 5 02:05:21 EDT 2006

On 10/5/06 4:38 AM, "David Bovill" <david at openpartnership.net> wrote:

Hi David,

> I am doing some research nto RSS aggregators. I thought the whole thing
> would have been sorted by now - but I cannot find any really good links.
> Does anyone have any good bookmarks to add to my research? I am wandering if
> there is a role for a speacialist service written in Transcript, or whether
> to use another language.
> Ruslan - how is the XML side of Valentina coming along? I guess that would
> be a nice backend for such a service no :)

We have implement so far support in SQL parser.
Next step implement SQL modes execution.

To see how it should looks you can read this article about
SQL/XML -- extension of SQL 2003 standard.


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