Testing for numerics

Robert Sneidar bobs at twft.com
Wed Oct 4 20:47:16 EDT 2006

I think this underscores the need for REAL type checking. I was told  
that a positive integer would return true if "is a date" is used.

As easy as non-typed variables are, it often becomes necessary to  
check for such things. I for one would like to be able to have the  
option of having new global variables initialized with NULL or  
UNDEFINED or something, so that I can check for the first time  
initialization of said variables. Maybe there could be an addition to  
the global/local variable declaration so that if you include an  
arguement and the variable is undefined as of yet, it will initialize  
the variable with your arguement as in:

global bobtest "NULL"

If bobtest already exists it will leave it as is, but if not it will  
initialize it with the string "NULL" or whatever you tell it to.

<sigh> if only I ruled the world...

Bob Sneidar
IT Manager
Logos Management
Calvary Chapel CM

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