[OT] - REALBasic Claims 100K Users

Andre Garzia soapdog at mac.com
Wed Oct 4 18:52:40 EDT 2006


Yes, I know that. I was just giving a naive example.  I never saw  
this ACE framework book, hope it is on safari bookshelf, this way I  
can read it online! :-)

I don't know much on how to make servers that can scale to thousand  
connections, nor I know much about semaphores and mutex and things  
that are used to coordinate threads and process forking. I know  
simple math and that making a new thread for each connection in a  
thousand connections scenario will nor scale. I think there some  
smart way to do this by probably multiplexing the threads making some  
maths and spawning a new thread when needed.

My little example is just a case where one can code a solution that  
will work nice, for a some kind of servers, for example a simple  
podcast broadcaster for your company intranet. It will be easier to  
code with threads then code it without it. I've been reading Python  
Networking Foundations and it has some keen solutions using threads  
and forks, I wish I could build stuff like that in Rev. I know that  
serving thousands concurrent connections is a task for a  
professional, someday I might be able to code such solutions!

  Thanks for the book references, I am looking for them now.

PS: I've read people complaining about the costs of switching  
contexts in a thread about parallel programming...

On Oct 4, 2006, at 7:36 PM, Ruslan Zasukhin wrote:

> Andre, this is not best model.
> If you going developer servers of any kind, I recommend you take a  
> look on
> ACE framework. Just read its docs. May be you will find useful buy  
> 2 books
> of ACE main developer Douglas.
> In short: if you want have 1000 connections, it is NOT good idea to  
> have
> 1000 threads. BECAUSE your computer have one or e.g. 4 CPUs. And  
> your 1000
> threads start slow down a lots only on switch of context.
> Exists other more effective models.

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